homespun miscellany  

Demountable chair, 1947, Preston Designs Ltd, aluminium frame

Hillestack side chair, 1950, Hille & Co., beech plywood with walnut veneer

Hillestack table, 1950, Hille & Co., beech legs with walnut-veneered plywood top

Orchestra chair, 1950, Kingfisher Furniture Ltd for the Royal Festival Hall, painted tubular steel frame, plywood back and seat with vinyl upholstery

661 side chair, 1951, Hille & Co. for the Royal Festival Hall, cherrywood-faced, moulded plywood shell onto painted tubular steel frame

Lounge chair, 1950, Hille & Co. for the Royal Festival Hall, rosewood-veneered, moulded plywood back and arm rests onto copper-plated steel rod frame

675 chair, 1952, Hille & Co., rosewood-veneered back and arm rests onto steel rod frame with padded upholstered seat

Television set, 1957, Pye

TV lounge chair, 1952, Hille & Co., beech frame, coil-sprung upholstered seat

Hilleplan unit B sideboard, 1952, Hille & Co., elm carcass, agbar wood sides, sliding doors with walnut handles and drawers

Hilleplan bookcase, 1951, Hille & Co., beech, walnut and birch veneers, glass doors

Hilleplan Bureau, 1951, Hille & Co., beech and plywood

Lounger armchair, 1952, Hille & Co., mahogany armrests, upholstered padded seat onto painted steel rod frame

Chevron chair, 1957, Hille & Co., rectangular section beech frame, upholstered padded cushions supported by Pirelli rubber straps onto stove-enamelled steel legs with steel glides

Double convertible bed settee, 1957, Hille & Co., teak sides onto stove-enamelled flat runners, the back drops down to form a bed*

Marson sideboard, 1960, Hille & Co., rosewood with sliding doors and brass handles, teak uprights with brass caps

Polyprop chair, 1963, Hille & Co., injection moulded polypropylene seat onto plastic coated bent tubular steel base**

Forum sofa and armchair, 1964, Hille & Co., jointed oak plank frame onto chrome plated steel uprights, feather and duck down filled leather cushions

Polo chair 1976, Hille & Co., injection moulded polypropylene seat with punched holes, steel sled base

* the single version won the 1957 Design Centre Award
** licensed for sale in 23 countries, 14 million have been sold to date