For every lauded design development, movement or product of the last century, many other distinguished pieces have quietly followed: the foot soldiers of design that silently steered the march towards the larger aesthetic trends. Homespun showcases the best of twentieth-century British art and industrial design, going beyond the usual celebrated design icons to shine the spotlight across a wider arc.

Skilled craftsmanship and considered design principles underscore the Homespun aesthetic: a selection of furniture, fabric, art, ceramic and other objects that combines the ruralist ideals of the Cotswold schools, the ‘Common sense’ principles of Gordon Russell, with the intellectual thinking behind Isokon and the thoughtful combination of David Hicks’s interiors schemes.

The hand hewn carvings of Robert ‘Mouseman’ Thompson, the localised factory production of Lucian Ercolani to the mass industrial output of Hille all take theirplace in the Homespun interior to create a relaxed democratic retrospective of vintage design.